Pagkaing Pinoy

Shout out to Pinoy food lovers! 
I am 100% Pinoy and I'll forever crave and would always choose my comfort food. 

Here are some... 

Almusal in tagalog, Breakfast in English - 
Filipino usually eat rice for breakfast... or am I the only one here? Back me up please! ^__^ Well, i use to be a sucker over rice-for-breakfast when i was a kid. Umm. Okay okay until College days! haha. I remember used to run to Nang Merli's 'restaurant' to order fried chicken or grilled pork with rice when i skipped my breakfast at home. Nostalgic!! ahhhhh 

Anyways, back to breakfast! I usually love having tocino+tuyo+egg and of course rice. 

LUNCH- tanghalian in tagalog

Here are some of the famous dishes you may opt to order.
Kare Kare. Mukhang ang masarap no???? BABOY yan! :) 
Ahhhhhh!!! Do you know this? This is called Lapaz Batchoy. This dish originated from Iloilo City. Somewhat same of Ramen noodles but more tastier. :) Naruto will kill me having said that! hehe
This one is my bf's fave! Grilled stuffed squid. I'm pretty sure he'll die once he taste my mom's version of this dish.
Rice! with toppings. I forgot the name sorry. If you know lemme know please!
I had this in one of the famous pinoy restos here in Kuwait. I think the name is Golden Baker. Whats up with the name?!I think they do bake first before opening a dining area.
Mr. Pork Sisig from Pinoy Turo Turo in Bahrain. So crispy and yummy!
Can you guess?? Crispy pata people! Crispy pata. Its a deep fried pig trotter or knucles. I know i know its unhealthy. This is never good for people having high blood. Its screaming hello Cholesterol!
Famous Halo halo from Chicken Inasal Kuwait. Not the best one i've tasted but kere na din. :)
Chicken Inasal from Chicken Inasal Restaurant Kuwait. 

If you ever want the authentic taste of chicken inasal, you better pack your bag and fly straight to City of Smiles and find Bacolod Chicken Inasal! Wait. better call first for reservation as the place might be fully packed! :)   

Happy eating people! 

The Hungry Missy 


A quick late lunch before the 430 pm flight

Restaurant - ROSA VERGE
Location - Diplomatic Area, Windsor Tower, Kingdom of Bahrain 
Remark- Pure flavor/ Lovely complimentary 

Before my flight back to Kuwait on Saturday, 25th of August and with a two-hour-and-a-half time left before boarding, I along with my Bahrain friends managed to have a quick lunch at our dearest Chefy Reander's resto named "Rosa Verge". 

Please check their website here

Honestly I was hoping to have lunch at Coco's (my fave resto btw which I will be blogging soon) in Adliya. But  when we arrive and as expected the place was full and place could no longer accommodate us. Bearing in mind the time left before my boarding, we have to look for another place to dine-thus Rosa Verge. 

We requested or rather demanded for a quick serve! hehe. Good thing Chefy was there to have a word with his crew. Sorry you guys. I really need to be at the airport before boarding. I never want the plane to leave me again for the second time around! hehe 
Food of Yet or Boi Pasta kung iaddress ko! As usual basta pasta pasok sa panlasa nya! 
I must commend this salad! Ang sarap lng ng talong! I wonder how they cooked it. Must be the parsley...
The sizzling steak.  It is not that enticing in this photo but my bf was very very satisfied with its taste.
Jina's remark --"Now this is the real lasagna"! He even said that this is way better and delicious than Coco's 'madaling-maumay-lasagna! hehe You must try this guys!
Ang sarap neto promise! 

And last but not the least - TIRAMISU! Thank you Hil for the complimentary dessert. :) super love at pasok sa taste bud!

This was my second visit to the resto and I was very happy with the food served to us.

But on a separate note though, i really want them to move to Adliya! 

Affectionate Confectioner

I love preparing dessert for my boyfriend. These are some of his faves. 

Usually I prepare strawberry crepes as it is his first choice but i ran out of strawberry that day thus Mr. Banana poops out to rescue me!! hehe 
yum yum?! Tiramisu is my love-at-first-taste dessert. My penchant to this marvelous afters has first started when my friend Aloi made it for me and my friends/colleagues way back 2007 (not sure hehe). After that it's been my obsession to replicate the devil and I could say  I 've been successful in doing so at some point. At this stage I managed to have my signature Tiramisu Ala Jaq after some tweaks from the recipe received from her.